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Hair Treatment
Obesity Treatment

To effectively manage obesity, our fat reduction system uses high-tech medical equipment that is safe and reliable.

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Hair Treatment

Hair treatments offered in our clinic involve a combination of specialized procedures and therapies.

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Skin Treatment

Our suite of skin treatments and procedures include many contemporary treatments. All skin treatments are safe and side-effect free.

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Dr Sharda Shirke Cosmetic Clinic uses contemporary, state-of-the-art wellness treatments that are scientifically proven for all Obesity, Hair and Skin problems.


Most adults lose approximately 75-125 hair strands from their scalps each day. Some hairs go into a dormant state (telogen), and others come out of this state and begin to sprout a new hair (anagen). As long as the process remains balanced, the number of hairs on the scalp remains constant. Any disturbance in this process may result in hairloss. Stress and pollution may accelerate this already genetically programmed hair loss.

    Hair treatments offered in our clinic involve a combination of specialized procedures and therapies. Various specialized hair treatments offered by us are:
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Treatment for thin, brittle hair
  • Hair volume enhancement
  • Hairfall treatment for male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness
  • Natural re-growth of hair with Stem Cell Therapy:
    • 1) Latest breakthrough procedure for hair treatment
    • 2) A walk-in procedure of about 10 minutes; nonsurgical, with no pain
    • 3) Patients can resume work immediately after the treatment
    • 4) Results are seen in 3-5 months
    • 5) Affordable treatment
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Hair Restoration
    • 1) PRP therapy is a new form of regenerative medicine that utilizes your own blood where the platelet rich plasma component is extracted, concentrated and the reintroduced into the scalp for hair loss. The concentrated platelets in PRP contain tremendous amounts of bioactive proteins, which include the Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). These growth factors have been shown to initiate accelerated tissue repair, and according to experts have also been shown to have positive effects for hairloss. PRP seems to work better in patients with diffused hair thinning including alopecia and rogenetica (common baldness).
    • 2) PRP therapy is relatively painless and devoid of side-effects apart from some initial minor redness, swelling and possible bruising. The side-effects resolve quickly in a matter of days as scalp rejuvenation and hair growth will start to take over.
    • 3) This treatment is associated with no risk of allergy or infection as we are essentially using our own byproduct.

Fulfil your dream of healthy hair and feel confident…

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